Fondation Bryologique Philippe De Zuttere:

Was set up on Saturday 23rd of October 2010 in the presence of lawyer Vincent Dandoy from Mariembourg. This concerns Mr. Philippe De Zuttere’s intention to endow the Foundation with the following objectives:

  • To promote the bryology in Belgium and in Europe, in particular by means of a prize offered to students in this subject;
  • To stimulate and develop this science;
  • To promote Philippe De Zuttere’s work as well as his herbarium.

The planned activities will include:

  • Publication of several studies, works and documents with regard to all aspects of bryology;
  • Activities related to nature and environment conservation in favour of bryophytes;
  • Bryological studies in Belgium and Europe;
  • Help students with an interest in bryology;
  • Organisation of scientific events (meetings, seminars …).

The Foundation has been set up by the seven following people:

Mr. Philippe De Zuttere (founder); Mmes. Michèle Dieudonné, Anne Lambert and Marianne Mabille and Messrs. Camille Cassimans, Olivier Roberfroid and Léon Woué.